The Exiled Ones – The Lost Princes – Chapter 0 – Prologue – Saburo

A blue sky lacking clouds awaited Saburo as he opened his eyes. It was quiet, except from the peaceful noise of the tide that was almost beckoning his eyes back shut. He forced his body up and assessed what was going on around him. He was on a beach, that much was obvious, be had never seen one so… well… beautiful. The sand was so pale that if you look at it from a distance you may have been able to mistake it for snow, and it was still, like it hadn’t been touched by anyone or anything. The water was this darkish blue that he had never seen before, and the sun was reflecting off of it, creating this look as if it was sparkling like the gods had sewn Torintilan diamonds into the sea itself.

There was a line of trees stopping him from seeing what lay further inland, but these were no trees that Saburo had ever seen before. The trunk and branch were the normal dark brown colour, but the leaves were this pinkish hue, like the cheeks of a foolish man, and were wavering back and forth despite there being no wind strong enough to beckon them to. It was calming, in a strange way that he couldn’t figure out. The largest of these trees stood on a cliff a fair distance away, but still close enough for him to clearly see these calming leaves almost dance to the wind’s song.

Saburo thought he could see people on the cliff, but it was probably nothing, at least he hoped it was. If he learned anything from his 5 years as a sailor: “if you end up stranded on an island, you better pray to the gods you crash on a deserted one.”
Sick of the waves getting him more soaked than he already was, he finally fully stood up. There was a pain in right leg. “Whatever, it’s not that bad”, he thought to himself. He turned around to see the wreckage behind him, and everything came back to him all at once.

The ship, a Fernandanite frigate named “The Black Sail”, was carrying Ruby’s, Diamonds and Emeralds mined from Cidado de Rei, as well as salts mined in Nortehelm. The plan was to sail from Santa Roseco Port, first to Velum to trade the salts for the Pelts of animals native to Selvia. Then, they would travel to the Prestionian capital, El Sayyidin, though no one was told why. Most of the crew just assumed we were going to sell the jewels in the El Sayyidin markets, but it couldn’t be something that tedious if the captain had never informed the crew.

Saburo was on deck like everyone else, it had started to rain so all of the cargo that had been stored above was being moved below. They had left velum the morning earlier and were beginning the two-week journey to Prestonia. He remembered that something seemed off about the captain, he was from Oxborne, in the Dunstone Isles, and had a voice that reminded you of harsh waves and weak ale. Normally he would be screaming his teeth off at you, but he was quiet, only talking to the navigator, but had rage burning in his eyes, the navigator on the other hand, had the eyes of a man hiding fear.

Then it hit. What hit he didn’t know, but it did hit, tearing the ship apart. It was all a blur after that, he remembered falling into the water, meeting the chest he was carrying. He remembered the navigator falling beside him in the water, limp and with blood coming out his stomach. Then nothing. Now this was what was left. At least as far as he knew. A part of the hull, a bit of the sail, and a chest that was stuck in the sand. Saburo crouched down and tried to open it up but couldn’t, it had sunk too far into the sand.

With there being nothing else to do, he made is way further inland. He had no idea how he hadn’t noticed earlier, but there was a light rising out of somewhere inland. The light was never one colour, always changing from red, to orange, to yellow, to blue, and continuing on to colours had never seen before. He was beginning to have second thoughts about going inland.

Saburo stopped staring at the lights, surveyed the trees, and saw two people waiting there just in front of the tree line, he could just make out that one had a crossbow aimed at right him.

He tried to flee but it was too late, a bolt hit him directly in his right leg. He bit down on his lip so hard he felt as if it was about to come off, and could see the one without the crossbow walking towards him, slowly yet menacingly. He desperately crawled along the ground back to the sea as quickly as he could, leaving a bloody smear as he did so. He could hear the noise of bare feet marching on sand behind him, getting more and more desperate as the noises got closer, before someone stamped down hard on the bolt imbedded in his leg, leaving him screaming in agony.

“We thought you mortals understood. Stay away from us, Stay away from our Island, but you never learn, when will you?” Saburo didn’t turn to face whoever it was, he was too stricken with fear to do anything but shake and lie face down in the sand, he was struggling to even hear what the man was saying. His attacker gave him a hand though, grabbing his shoulder and pulling him around. He had long hair tied back but the sides of his hair were kept free, with a long, thin face, and golden skin, wearing all black robes that screamed luxury, and the voice of a silk lion. He was nothing that Saburo had ever seen before.

“Oh, does that hurt?” The golden-faced man pressed further down onto his right leg. “Well don’t worry.” Saburo could barely hear over his screams of pain the other person, the one with the crossbow bolt, appeared from behind the man. She was shorter than the man, but everything about her seemed perfect. Green eyes you could get lost in, the figure a princess would kill for, and long dark hair that seemed to be just the perfect length. The man smiled. “This is Asami, she’s here to help you on your way.”

Saburo heard a blade leaving its sheath.


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