Hibernian FC Programme – Matchday 12 – Formartine United – 21st January 2048

Today is a tale of both Hello’s and Goodbyes for the Hibees. While 1st place Hibs welcomes second place Formartine United to Edinburgh in a scintillating top of the table clash, they will also be saying farewell to legend and Hibernian Hall of Famer Martin Robinson, as he announced his retirement from playing during the week to take a coaching role with reserves.

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The Exiled Ones – The Lost Princes -Chapter I – Jakob Pascal – Prince of Lothor

Jakob shut the door to his bedchamber once he was inside as the lightning struck outside. He had to be quick, his father’s guards would be looking for him soon. He picked up a knapsack near to the door, and opened up his chest at the end of his bed. The door to the balcony was open, blowing cold wind at Jakob as the noises of thunder grew louder and the rain grew heavier. He took out some spare clothes, breeches and tunic, and shoved them into the bag.

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The Exiled Ones – The Lost Princes – Chapter 0 – Prologue – Saburo

A blue sky lacking clouds awaited Saburo as he opened his eyes. It was quiet, except from the peaceful noise of the tide that was almost beckoning his eyes back shut. He forced his body up and assessed what was going on around him. He was on a beach, that much was obvious, be had never seen one so… well… beautiful. The sand was so pale that if you look at it from a distance you may have been able to mistake it for snow, and it was still, like it hadn’t been touched by anyone or anything. The water was this darkish blue that he had never seen before, and the sun was reflecting off of it, creating this look as if it was sparkling like the gods had sewn Torintilan diamonds into the sea itself.

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